Career recruitment
1.Supervisor for high frequency analog LSI design and development (management position)
2.Analog LSI design and development engineer
3.Analog LSI layout engineer

Qualification requirements Corresponding to above job positions;
1.Engineer who has over 10 years experience on development of high frequency analog LSI devices.
2.Engineer who has an experience of analog circuit simulation in UNIX environment and knowledge on how to use various measuring equipments.
3.Engineer who has over five years experience on analog LSI layout.

Number of recruitment As necessary

Entreatment Favorably treated according to our company’s provisions

How to apply Please send your resume and job career form with a free format after contacting to the following address by telephone.

Address: 2F Hon-Atsugi Tosei Bldg., 8-10 Tamura-cho, Atsugi,
Kanagawa 243-0016 Japan
To: Phi Microtech, Inc.
General affairs and human resources

Tel: +

Method of selection To be determined by application documents and interview Result will be directly informed to the applicant.